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Mother's Day Gift Guide

When it's time to buy a Mother's Day gift, sometimes we have the perfect gift in mind, but if you're like most people, you're probably struggling to figure out what to get mom. Should you get her flowers, chocolate, and lotion again this year?

If you're last-minute shopping for a Mother's Day gift, you're sure to go for the basic gifts, but with the internet, you can get a unique last-minute gift at a moment's notice. This year, treat mom to something that will help her relax — but not just bubble bath. Try buying her a  unique Mother's Day gift that will help her feel inspired, relaxed, and cared about during National Women's Mental Health Week (May 13 through 19).

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Neurofeedback sessions

What's neurofeedback? It's a type of therapy that basically rewires your brain (non-invasively) to help you sleep better, concentrate better, and think more clearly — among other things. It's a simple process with life-long results. So, if your mom is looking for a semi-quick fix to feeling more relaxed about life, neurofeedback might be what she needs! Right now for Mother's Day and National Women's Mental Health Week, Aspen Valley Counseling is giving a discount to all women! Neurofeedback sessions only cost $37.50 per session, and the first 10 moms that sign up get a free gift. (Valid through 5/19)

"The Gift of Imperfection" by Brene Brown

If you haven't already heard of this book, it's a great gift for your mom. Women are naturally just a little bit hard on themselves. After reading this book, mom will have much more inner peace with herself that will last longer than any bouquet of flowers.


Now who doesn't love a massage? Not only will this give mom a break from the heavy-lifting of life, but it'll be a Mother's Day gift that helps her calm her mind for a bit. If you want to give her something that will last longer than an hour-long session or your budget can't handle a good massage therapist, try a head massager or an electric back massager.

Meditation and Yoga

Moms who are busy (which is basically all moms) will appreciate some time to clear their minds and find a place of peace. If your mom loves exercising, then a gift certificate to a yoga and meditation class will be the perfect break for her muscles. But even if your mom doesn't exercise regularly, yoga is a great place to start because yoga teachers often have easier stretches for the beginner students. A Mother's Day gift doesn't have to be a thing she'll keep forever. Sometimes it might be nice for her to get a gift she can use up and not have to find a place to store.

Therapy Session

It's probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Mother's Day gift, but a therapy session might be just what that woman in your life needs. Therapy used to have this stigma that only people with "issues" went to therapy. Now, people fess up to their problems and want someone to teach them coping skills. Your mom can learn relaxation skills for anxiety or communication skills for family arguments. Therapy will make her life just a bit easier. You can buy her a gift certificate for a therapy session, but if she's too busy to take time to go to therapy, then let her know that a therapist can do a video chat or phone call in place on an in-person appointment.


Everyone struggles — including your super woman mother. Get her a Mother's Day gift that will help her, like a workbook to help her work through some of her struggles, like the Depression relief workbook. If mom's not quite into workbooks but would prefer a book to read that will give her useful skills, try something like this ADHD book: "Driven To Distraction" by Edward Hallowell and John Ratey.


Okay, so a plant is a little like getting flowers for a Mother's Day gift. But do something a little different and get her a plant that requires little upkeep — like a cactus. Then, mom will have something beautiful that lasts and brightens up a room.

But no matter what you get mom for this year's Mother's Day gift, she's sure to love it because it's from you.

Tell us some ideas for other great mental health–related gifts!


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